Energy and utilities


The use of Apparound for an holistic selling process to increase seller productivity

The Challenge

ZeniΘ was looking for a Technology Partner capable of supporting it in a process of sales transformation and modernization, to keep up with the times and manage the typical complexities of the energy sector: 

  • Unify the sales processes throughout their entire sales network.

  • Managing price/discount rules in an automated manner.

  • Synchronizing various company departments.

In summary, aligning processes in a modern version, adopting a sales strategy more in line with customer needs, to increase sales performance, optimize the funnel, and customer lifetime value.

The Solution*

Thanks to the use of the Apparound solution integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it was possible to digitize the entire sales process:

  • Support partner agents and internal backoffice

  • Generate orders

  • Manage sales pipelines from a single interface

The tool has supported ZeniΘ with:

  • Increasing sales effectiveness

  • Dramatically reducing time to capture application forms/orders

  • Eliminating data capturing errors

  • Reducing time-to-activation

  • Reducing failed orders and order rework

In summary, modernizing the entire sales process and order generation in an integrated manner, using an online and offline accessible tool, capable of supporting the mobility of sales agents.


*in collaboration with Cognity. 


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"In Apparound we have found a reliable partner who has marked a significant turning point in our sales strategy. A cutting-edge platform, implemented & supported by Cognity, perfectly aligned with the Energy market, which has enabled us to improve the efficiency of internal processes and maximize business performance.”

Alexandros Vasileiadis - Project Owner @ZeniΘ