All-in-one CPQ software for sales network training and management


CPQ (Configure, Price & Quote)

Apparound is not just a CPQ software, but an all-in-one digital solution for sales reps and sales force managers.

In our previous post we focused on those modules designed for optimizing negotiations and deals closure: however, there are many other features that can help streamline sales processes that are essential for business growth.

Apparound's modules for sales force management and training are:

  • Sales Tracker
  • Data Manager
  • Web Client
  • Admin Portal
  • Integrations

Sales Tracker: the sales monitoring tool

Sales Tracker- lo strumento per il monitoraggio delle venditeThanks to the Sales Tracker module, companies can count on a comprehensive and reliable tool that allows to monitor the entirety of sales reps activities.

Both sellers and sales managers, on the basis of hierarchical user roles that can be easily set up on Apparound, will gain access to specific data for tracking sales activities, detect critical issues and find solutions for increasing sales performance.

Among its many benefits, the most important ones include the possibility of tracking each sales activity with date and time stamps, generating dynamic dashboards on each customer's and potential prospect's status, allowing for an easy and immediate overview on closed deals and offers, and planning follow-up activities.

Managers can take advantage of dynamic overviews for tracking sales performance, make forecasts, check every sales rep's performance and provide support for better deal management, if necessary.


Data Manager: targeted inquiries for engaging both sellers and customers

Apparound's Data Manager module comprehends two macro-features:
  • Knowledge Manager & Gamification
  • Surveys

Thanks to the first feature it is possible to create training courses with guided contents and surveys that allow companies to train its sales team quickly and easily, assuring constant alignment through periodic updates and easy and fun data collection. In addition, the module allows to distribute content through an ad-hoc profiling feature.

It is possible to plan regular activities in order to maintain the entire sales force constantly up-to-date.

The second feature can be employed for engaging customers, collaborators and partners in product/service launch updates or for collecting data on specific topics.

Sales managers or authorized sales reps can create surveys to be submitted to users on a specific date and for a determined period of time. Collected data is then functionally archived, allowing for easy retrieval and real-time consultation from any device.

Web Client- accesso al software all-in-one da qualunque browser

Web Client: all-in-one software access from any browser

Apparound's Web Client allows to access contents and other features from any pc.

The digital solution Apparound is available not only through mobile devices, but also through web browser: Edge, Chrome, Mozilla and Safari are fully supported.


Admin Portal: Apparound's headquarters

The Admin Portal's intuitive and simple interface guarantees ease of use and requires no IT skills for its daily maintenance.

An easy-to-use tool, quick to set up and easily integrable with existing company IT infrastructures, means having at disposal a complete solution that adds a strong competitive advantage that companies can rely on.

Through the Admin Portal it is possible to manage sales journey activities, such as:

admin portal apparound
  • Marketing and sales contents management;
  • Product catalog setting-up and management;
  • Commercial rules, prices and offer definition;
  • Customer and user profiles and profiling;
  • Sales journey configuration;
  • Custom contract form composition;
  • Signature type enablement (remote, paper, electronic);
  • Integration with other administration softwares (e.g. CRM and ERP) or other infrastructures;
  • And much more.


In order to provide a complete overview of the software and its main capabilities, it has to be highlighted that Apparound was born both as a stand-one solution, for streamlining the sales cycle and support sales reps with better customer engagement and increased productivity, and both as an integrable solution with other company systems (such as CRM and ERP).

Integration modalities are easy to implement and designed specifically for guaranteeing mistake-free and simple processes, in addition to fluid communication flows across every business unit.

The integration between Apparound's CPQ and CRM systems allows automatic data synchronization that ensures time savings on manual data entry activities and eliminates possible mistakes during compilation. Moreover, users will always have customer data at their disposal that can be employed to configure offers or contracts.

The integration between ERP and CPQ translates to a direct, fluid and mistake-free communication channel with the company's administration offices.

For example, once the contract has been closed through electronic signature, it is automatically sent to the back-office for immediate processing, with every detail and conditions agreed during the negotiation, avoiding any possible transcription mistake or delays in sending the contract, resulting in zero costs and waiting times for document revision and correction.

And there is more: Apparound offers other integration methods with third-party systems:

  • API RESTful integration, enabling simple information exchange through standard JSON data format;
  • WEBHOOK integration, with simple HTTPS POST events notifications;
  • Zapier integration, an automation platform that allows to create simple workflows based on the occurrence of certain events and that allows to connect Apparound to more than 1500 apps.

In the digital era, efficiency has become a key component for the success of any business. Companies often face challenges in managing processes. This is where the strategic partnership between Apparound and Net Project comes in.

We are thrilled to introduce the Apparound Release 2024.1, an evolution of the platform bringing enhancements and features designed to optimize user experience and improve operational efficiency.

Discover how the strategic partnership between Apparound and Horsa is revolutionizing corporate sales processes, integrating CPQ with Oracle NetSuite ERP.

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