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Leading customers by the hand with a simpler digital selling process.
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A tailored service for the customer’s needs through an integrated all-in-one digital solution.

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Apparound solution allows to keep the customer engaged during the entire selling process by managing different locations and services in one single contract.

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There is no more need for printed flyers, brochures and technical sheets: they can be now browsed digitally inside the App.

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Revenue Increase

A significant increase in revenue was made possible by customer profiling and customized relationship management.

The Challenge.

Rangers is a company specialized in security services. Its challenge was to digitalize its orders acquisition process, eliminate paper documents and avoid data-entry mistakes by providing their sales team with a digital tool that could beat competitors and increase customer satisfaction.

The Solution.

Apparound enabled Rangers’ sellers to offer customers the ideal security solution, based on their real needs, optimize sales processes and create more profitable customer relationships. Thanks to the integration with the company CRM, every consultant can now monitor customer data in real time.

We think it is our duty to timely inform our customers on the services they have chosen. Adopting a professional tool for tailoring security services on our customers’ needs seemed like a pipe dream. Today, thanks to Apparound, we have implemented the ideal platform for guiding our consultants during the sales process, with zero mistakes and real-time service activation.
Luca Cazzaro, Sales Back-office Manager @Rangers


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