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The independent pharmacies sector is in a phase of continuous transformation. To manage all sorts of negotiations and improve customer relations, Innova provides its salespeople with Apparound’s solution to improve productivity and eliminate manual errors in quotes.

The Challenge.

Working to support independent pharmacies, Innova’s main need has always been to provide solutions and useful tools in order to listen to its customers’ needs. This is why it is essential to adopt highly customizable software solutions that are able to configure an error-free commercial offer in the shortest time possible. An easy-to-use tool that can also be used on the go.

The Solution.

Apparound best combines each of these requirements, transforming the traditional paper-based sales method into a comprehensive sales force automation solution that can support sellers, manage the way they work and set up a new sales approach. Thanks to the extreme intuitiveness of this platform, salespeople are able to embrace the software in no time, without spending too much time on training.

An innovative, highly intuitive solution that puts salespeople at ease and provides them with a tool in line with market needs.

Vincenzo Alvino, Marketing Manager @Innova


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