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Apparound Product Overview

The Apparound’s Admin Portal allows you to remotely manage all content, prices and quotes that are visible on the app and available to the front office (sales team, marketing and business service).

With the Admin Portal you can:

upload and organise your content
configure the products, structure your commercial offer and define the price and discount rules
set different user profiles and define workflows

The Admin Portal allows the management and maintenance of Apparound and makes it easy to update it in a few minutes. It is a cloud service and does not require IT skills for implementation.

The Admin Portal is accessible from any web browser.

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Apparound is an all-in-one sales tool that allows reps to be more effective during the negotiations by simplifying their daily activities and allowing them to involve more the customer.

With Apparound, you can close a deal within minutes. Our app will help your sellers be more productive, by showing content and building quotes collaboratively with the customers in real time.

Apparound is a technologically advanced product turned into a simple, user-friendly tool that has revolutionized the experience of dozens of thousands of sellers and buyers. Thanks to its modular and versatile structure and a fully customisable interface, Apparound fulfils the needs of all industries and company sizes, from the largest ones to SMBs.

Apparound CPQ:
designed for business!!

Trust on us to boost business results and deliver superior
buying experiences.

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