With all data automatically synced to your ERP/CRM no more transcription errors or time wasted on manual actions.
Easily connect your Salesforce CRM or MS Dynamics with Apparound.

Integrate your CPQ with your CRM o ERP systems

Stop wasting time on manual processes and fixing transcription errors by easily connecting your Salesforce or MS Dynamics CRM systems to Apparound and automatically synchronizing all of your data.

Apparound offers a number of integration solutions that will help you facilitate adoption and synchronization with your back-office systems. Choose the integration that best meets your needs.

Integrate CPQ with your corporate CRM

The integration between your company’s CRM and the Apparound CPQ lets your sales people have easy access to any and all previously collected customer data already captured in Salesforce or a MS Dynamics CRM so negotiations can be concluded with the first meeting. Looking up assigned opportunities or retrieving data is a seamless experience in the Apparound interface and any offers and contracts made will be automatically synchronized and updated in your CRM.

The salesperson is thus guided in the Lead-to-Order process and does not need to worry about anything else. Having all of the relevant information and resources necessary to focus and dedicate their time and attention to the customer in front ot them increases their chances to gain their trust, and in turn, to close more deals.

Integrate CPQ with Salesforce

With Apparound and Salesforce integration you will be able to leverage the capabilities of both software and optimize sales processes. Companies working on Salesforce can manage both typical CRM features and commercial business negotiations.

The seller is guided through the Lead-to-Order process and can concentrate on what really matters, having all the necessary information and resources for focusing on the customer and gain its trust always at hand.

Integrate our CPQ with your ERP

The Apparound CPQ was created to act as a stand-alone solution or an integrated part of your company ecosystem, simplifying the sales process and guaranteeing that salespeople can increase customer engagement and their productivity.

Integrating with other systems will extend the process simplifying benefits from the Apparound CPQ into other business units, for example, once a contract has been signed with an electronic signature, it can be automatically sent to the back office for immediate processing, avoiding lengthy delays, document review and correction steps, and transcription errors due to manual handling.

integration benefits

Integrates with the principal lead generation systems for optimized opportunity management.

Product catalogs and pricelists that are always up to date and synchronized.

Integrated approval workflow management between the CRM and Apparound.

Synchronizes documents, including signed contracts, created on Apparound with a CRM.


Apparound provides a complete RESTful APIs client support, which can easily receive calls from different platforms and devices. RESTful architectures make it simple to give the information exchanges in JSON standard data format.

Our standard-based APIs authorise the external system to access the main information, data and functions managed by Apparound, which include:
  • Quotes
  • Contracts
  • Users
  • Surveys

api benefits

Integrate with Apparound seamlessly and securely.

User-friendly APIs make it easy to use for your developers.
Update Apparound data fast with your backoffice and services.
Detailed documentations fully support your integrations.

webhooks webhooks webhooks

Apparound offers a secured and code-free integration solution with webhooks, which are simple event-notifications via HTTP POST.

By Apparound Webhooks events you can send real-time notifications towards any integrated software. The events include:

  • Creating/Editing a User
  • Changing customer owner
  • Creating/Modifying an offer
  • Completing a survey

webhooks benefits

Event-notifications, gain real-time
transaction integration.
Code-free, integrate without even
talking to your developers.
Tokens and Basic Auth,
secure all your data.
HTTP POST, send off any event
and collect the data easily.

other integration software: zapier other integration software: zapier other integration software: zapier

Apparound fully supports Zapier, the automation platform which allows you to create simple event-based workflows. With Zapier you can instantly connect  Apparound with 1,500+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers.

You will be able to receive  the changes of your customer’s infomation, track the states of your quotes and much more.


  • The very easy way to automate Apparound with your favorite apps
  • No technical skills required, build your own app workflows freely
  • Over 2,000 apps can be connected with Apparound
Click here and see all the features of Zapier
  • Create new Apparound customers from new rows in a Google Sheet
  • Create Apparound customers from new Salesforce leads
  • Create new Apparound customers from new Microsoft Outlook contacts
  • Create new Apparound customers from new Mailchimp subscribers
  • Send Twilio SMS Messages from new Apparound quotes
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