Apparound launches its 2020.4 version

Apparound launches its 2020.4 version

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On November 14th we launched version 2020.4, the last release of 2020, which closes the year and completes the roadmap we had outlined. New features and improvements to the user experience were introduced.

New in this version:

  • Login with Microsoft Active Directory

In order to improve the user-experience, we have introduced the possibility of accessing Apparound with Microsoft credentials, through the Azure Active Directory provider, to make access easier between Microsoft’s Office365 Suite and Apparound. In addition, to offer a better user interface and a custom login design, we have redesigned the login mode to show your company logo and colors.

  • Product search implemented in the CPQ

We have extended and improved the product search function within the three-axis configurator. Thanks to this update, the seller will be able to search for a product among the main products in the configurator by entering the product name or code. By selecting the desired product, the cart will be created automatically in order to continue configuring the offer.

  • Acceptance of the FEA

We have changed the journey in which consent to the use of the advanced electronic signature (FEA) is collected. In this way, if the customer does not want or is not able to give consent to the use of the FEA, the seller can still conclude the sale, finalizing the contract with a paper signature and proceed to upload the signed paper contract.

  • Interactive Tools module implementations

We have expanded the functionality of the Interactive Tools module to allow the customer to complete their shopping journey independently. The module allows the customer to view their offer on a dedicated interactive page. Once the proposal has been received from its consultant and accepted, the customer can continue with the self checkout by entering the necessary data, proceeding with the generation of the contract, and signing it by remote signature. Further, any actions taken by the potential customer will be tracked and viewable in the Sales Tracker module thus providing the seller with valuable metrics to help them with the next step to close their sale.

Proposing new solutions to concrete problems is our daily challenge. This is why we continuously update our solution with the aim of offering an increasingly performant and complete user experience.

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©Apparound. All rights reserved. APPAROUND SPA e P.I. 13147681004