Axpo together with Apparound to digitize sales processes

Axpo together with Apparound to digitize sales processes

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Axpo Italia, the Italian subsidiary of the Axpo energy group, has signed a partnership agreement with Apparound, one of the most important Italian players in the IT sector, to digitize sales processes with a cloud app, which can be used by the seller together with customers to configure offers in real time.


Pisa, 8 November 2018Axpo Italia (sixth operator in the free electricity market in terms of volumes sold) and Apparound (an Italian company in the IT sector that offers an innovative solution aimed at increasing sales productivity) have signed a commercial agreement to digitize the process of selling energy and gas packages aimed at households and companies.

Axpo continues its digital transformation path, with a technological platform that will support its CRM system, and will offer its sales network a sales tool, designed for the needs of sellers.

With Apparound, in fact, sellers will finally be able to say goodbye to paper, using a solution designed to support them throughout the entire sales cycle: from the first meeting with the customer to the signing of the contract.

Through a single application, the seller can, in fact, present material in digital format (brochures, videos, etc.), configure an offer together with the customer and close the negotiation already at the first meeting with the collection of the order through the electronic signature. The sales network will be more effective, order processing times will be faster, while improving the customer’s shopping experience.

Among the solutions on the market, Apparound was chosen for its ease of use and intuitiveness, but also for its performance and the ability to work off-line, a situation that often occurs when sellers are in areas with low coverage.

“Apparound has made important investments in the energy and gas sector with the aim of becoming a reference solution for this market.” comments Gianluca Cagiano, Founding Partner and CEO of Apparound – “The partnership with Axpo confirms how our solution fully meets the needs of this sector. Thanks to our experience, we will support Axpo in their path of growth and transformation.”

 “Thanks to Apparound we will take another step forward in our path of improvement and digitization of business processes.” Comments Simone Demarchi, CEO of Axpo Italia, “With the integration between Apparound and our CRM system, the sales network will gain in professionalism and efficiency, guaranteeing greater speed of response to the customer, thanks to constantly updated information, directly on their mobile devices, even in the absence of internet connection ”


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Axpo Italia, a subsidiary of the Axpo Group, is today one of the main operators at national level. At the same time as the supply, Axpo Italia is active in trading, playing a primary role in the various energy commodity and derivative exchanges. Axpo Italia offers on the Italian market a wide range of products capable of satisfying the consumer’s energy needs, providing customized solutions for the consumption of energy, natural gas and energy from renewable sources. Moreover, thanks to its consolidated experience in the production market, Axpo is able to provide professional support also for independent producers.

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Apparound was founded in 2008 in Pisa, Tuscany. Italian company in the IT sector that offers the market an innovative solution aimed at digitizing sales processes. The solution, based on cloud technology, supports the seller throughout the sales cycle: from the presentation of marketing material in the form of digital content (brochures, videos, etc.), to the configuration of the offer, to get to the closing of the negotiation with the collection of the order by electronic signature. All this in extreme simplicity with only the use of a tablet or smartphone, or alternatively through the Web Client. Since 2018 Apparound is in the “gellification” program of the GELLIFY innovation platform (

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