5 sales trends to adopt in 2022

5 sales trends to adopt in 2022

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The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the world of work. In the past year we have witnessed the birth of numerous sales trends: from the use of artificial intelligence to the adoption of CRM for automation in sales processes. But that’s not all: 2022 promises to be a very dynamic year full of news. Let’s now discover the 5 main sales trends of the future.

Implementing a sales automation strategy

The first trend of 2022 concerns the digitization of the sales process, through a sales automation. Automating the process allows you to know at what point in a negotiation you have arrived, when you need to contact the prospect again, what information you want to receive. But that’s not all: monitoring a commercial negotiation allows you to optimize the process making it more effective.

Adopt appropriate tools, such as the solution Apparound allows you to have everything you need within a single application. A solution that can be perfectly integrated with the most well-known CRMs, to follow the negotiations and always be updated on the latest advances.

The importance of a personalized shopping experience

The two-year period from 2020-2021 highlighted the need for a personalized and fast buying and selling experience. As reported by LinkedIn, the behaviors most detested by consumers concern unclear information related to a product and the inability, by companies, to understand the real needs of their customers.

How should companies behave then? Adopting a strategy based on market research, data-driven, to better understand the needs of companies and allow sellers to offer a personalized shopping experience, with multi-channel strategies capable of intercepting different targets in a coherent way. More human, more digital!

Webinar and Social Selling for Lead Generation

We have spent the past two years in isolation. During this time, webinars, podcasts and social selling strategies took over, allowing people to do their jobs more productively, without risk to health.

The ablility to intercept potential customers, promote the product and raise curiosity around your company has been paramount. However, the advice is always the same: an event of this type cannot be based solely on the presentation of a product, but must be able to offer useful solutions to solve users’ problems.

According to a recent article from Hubspot being able to adopt a strategy of this type in the sales process, each salesperson has at his disposal an additional tool to entertain and involve, working to build loyalty thanks to the use of social media.

Sales people have started using social profiles to interact directly with prospects, answering their questions and posting valuable content, until the prospect is ready to buy. Being able to adopt a strategy of this type in the sales process, each salesperson has at his disposal an additional tool to entertain and involve, working to build loyalty thanks to the use of social media.

Selling means knowing how to create and exploit your personal branding to identify sales opportunities, evaluate prospects and give value to relationships. After all, who wants to be interrupted during working hours by telemarketing calls?

The customer at the center of every negotiation: focus on Customer Service

Customer Care service, in the last two years, has evolved considerably, abandoning the old concept to become one of the aspects that most influence the customer experience. An adequate assistance service, able to create engagement, respond promptly and attend the various digital channels – from social profiles to the chatbot on the site – allows you to create and retain consumers.

The web has become the preferred tool for most shoppers, both to search for product information and to finalize the purchase. The modern user is demanding and impatient at the same time, he seeks immediate answers, inquires and “expects” to speak with brands, rejecting standard communications and non-personalized messages. If in the past call centers were the primary reference point, today people tend to search for the answers they need independently, browsing the areas on the site and sending messages on social profiles.

For all these reasons it is necessary to know how to listen, respond quickly and comprehensively, offering assistance both online and offline. Kindness, speed and trust lead consumers to remain loyal. After all, over 30% of people say they are willing to leave a brand after a single negative support experience.

The Importance of Aligning Marketing and Sales Departments

Ever heard of Smarketing? Derived from the union of the terms “sales” and “marketing”, the process indicates the coordination between the two business areas. An action that aims to align teams with a common approach, to improve revenues and increase internal collaboration. According to one recent Hubspot survey, companies that invest in smarketing have a 36% higher customer retention and a greater chance of closing deals (67%).

Conceiving the two divisions as a single team allows the company to have a greater impact on the internal organization and on corporate revenues. By doing so, the marketing-addicted department will be able to continue to control the relationship with customers in the awareness phase, improving the quality of market research, while the sales area will be able to manage the final part of the funnel and more simply close the deal, having more profiled information.

The key to the process lies in involving the sales team in the initial stages of the purchasing process, to increase the influence on the customer journey and implement an effective sales enablement strategy. Activities that can be automated to avoid errors, forgetfulness and loss of information.

The Apparound solution for a digitalization process of the sales journey

Simplifying the sales process and making the work of salespeople more efficient: this is the goal of Apparound. The solution supports the salesperson throughout the entire sales process, from the first meeting to the close of the deal.

It makes sellers’ activities totally paperless: eliminating paper means not only reducing costs, but automating processes, thus allowing salespeople to be always updated on prices, products and news by eliminating errors, missing data and the need for data entry in management systems of the company that cause a slowdown in activities.

The Apparound solution has, within it, product catalogs, brochures and technical data sheets, images, videos and price lists that are always updated, even in offline mode, without network connection. It also allows you to involve the customer during the offer configuration phase, comparing with him the different products / services offered by the seller to the prospect. The software also allows you to close the deal, generating the contract and signing the offer in real time, both in person and remotely, respecting the legal regulations.

Automating processes therefore allows salespeople to focus on core activities and neglect collateral ones. Because our software improves perceived satisfaction and customer relationship, not neglecting any aspect of the sales process.

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