Rangers and Apparound together again for Digital Transformation

Rangers and Apparound together again for Digital Transformation

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“A relationship can only be called such if is based on trust. The Apparound ecosystem has always been inspired by one clear objective: to innovate and provide companies with a high quality solution, that is able to digitize the sales cycle for better performance and sustainable long-term growth.” – states Gianluca Cagiano, CEO & Founder of Apparound.

This is where the relationship between Apparound and Rangers, an extremely reliable and flexible company that has been in the security industry for more than 30 years, was born from.

Founded in 1984, Rangers – a Gruppo Battistolli company – supports companies through armed security services. After an initial period of establishment in the Vicenza region, Rangers’ services have expanded in the whole Veneto region, becoming a key development factor for Gruppo Battistolli. Since then, many other branches have been opened on the entire national territory. Today, with more than 38 years of experience, the company is operative in 11 Italian regions.

“Apparound enabled us to guide our sellers throughout the entire sales journey without mistakes and allowing real-time service activation” – says Luca Cazzaro, Sales Back-Office Manager of Gruppo Battistolli. “This tool has allowed us to digitize the whole process and completely eliminate paper-usage costs. Onboarding times for sellers have been significantly reduced, together with a gratifying increase in revenues.”

About Rangers
Rangers is Gruppo Battistolli company specialized in security services. It is a highly trustworthy and competitive company, always in search of the best solution for protecting goods and individuals from criminal activities. 38 years of history in the spirit of growth and respecting the law.

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Marco Meletti – Director of Marketing Gruppo Battistolli


About Apparound
Founded in 2008, Apparound provides an innovative and interactive all-in-one app aimed at digitizing sales processes. The solution supports sellers throughout the entire sales journey: from the presentation of marketing materials in the form of digital contents (brochures, videos, presentations, price lists, etc.), to the configuration of the offer and closing the negotiation with the collection of the order through electronic signature. All with extreme simplicity, with just the use of a tablet, smartphone or the web application accessible from any browser. Apparound is a cloud solution on Microsoft Azure, easily integrable with any CRM software, ERP or other back-office company tools. It is an innovative, easy-to-use software that increases customer engagement and negotiation success.

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Claudio Bianchi – Marketing & Product Manager

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