Apparound’s January 2019 release

Apparound release january 2019

On January, Apparound released the first update of the year 2019. Like the previous versions, the 2019.1 version was designed and developed to simplify the sales processes for sellers and improve sales productivity.

Every year, we perform 4 major product releases and several minor releases to deliver our customers new capabilities, the best user experience, and the highest level of service. We constantly work on updating and improving our platform, to ensure a perfect compatibility with all the latest versions of the major operating systems and browsers.

The 2019.1 version introduces a series of interesting functionalities, among which stand out the remote signature of contracts, new possibilities of price management and an advanced configuration of the quote that allows the seller to add information, notes and specifications to detail and enhance the individual products offered.

The remote signature works in the final part of the sales process and integrates the capabilities already included in the Electronic Signature module. This option allows customers to sign the contract in self-service, thanks to a secure technology with full legal value. Apparound provides remote signature in collaboration with Aliaslab, using its IDSign OTP authentication service. Remote signature can be activated on a project basis, for customers of Professional or Elite plans who request it.

Another element introduced in Apparound 2019.1 is usage-based pricing. The price structure can now be fully personalised, to show and hide subtotals, group prices, units of measure, quantities. In this way, the quotes and contracts generated by the app can better adapt to different commercial offer types and reproduce their structure and price composition more accurately.

Finally, we have innovated the quoting process by adding a brand new product configuration tile. When configuring quotes, it is now possible to reach a greater level of detail by entering additional information on individual products and services. This allows sellers to better specify the composition of the cart and further customise the quote. The information collected is summarised in all the documentation (offer and contract) sent to the customer.

The 2019.1 version of Apparound is available on the App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store. To learn more about our product, try Apparound now: the first month is free.


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Apparound Team
Apparound nasce nel 2008 a Pisa, in Toscana. Azienda italiana del settore IT che propone al mercato una soluzione innovativa volta a digitalizzare i processi di vendita. La soluzione, basata su tecnologia cloud, supporta il venditore durante l’intero il ciclo di vendita: dalla presentazione del materiale di marketing sotto forma di contenuti digitali (brochure, video, ecc.), alla configurazione dell’offerta, per arrivare alla chiusura della trattativa con la raccolta dell’ordine mediante firma elettronica. Il tutto in estrema semplicità con il solo utilizzo di un tablet o smartphone, o in alternativa mediante Web Client.