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The Services industry

Today the Services industry must deal with increasingly frequent rule changes and with the evolution of customer expectations.Many companies in the Services industry, such as banks and insurance companies, must comply with urgent requirements regarding data security and financial operations, transparency and risk management. The companies that fail to adapt to new national and international rules, and to manage their complexity, risk losing their customers’ trust and seeing their profits reduced.

Even professional services companies and consultancy firms must deal with more strict rules and changes introduced by the digital. Much of their business is traditionally based on interpersonal relationships but, in today’s digital ecosystem, it is relationships that change most quickly. Customers today expect simple operations and secure information transmission.

Thanks to a “made in Italy” sales force automation app, Apparound has transformed the way companies sell and helped sellers sell more, faster.

Apparound helps financial and professional services companies to increase revenues and optimise the customer’s life cycle management. Our solution makes it possible to digitise content and automate the quoting stages, contract negotiation, credit-check and any changes and renewals. It significantly reduces the effort required to ensure the compliance to the current legislation. Real time customer facing quoting, fully tracked workflows and dynamic reports increase transparency and customer satisfaction.


Benefits for companies in the Services industry


Ensure transparency and compliance with laws and regulations: Apparound makes it possible to automate the onboarding of customers and partners, simplify the process of acquiring information and certify the compliance with national and international regulatory parameters. Guarantee your customers financial information reliability, laws and regulations compliance, and internal procedures transparency.

Maximise revenue and increase margins: use the electronic catalogue and automatic price rules to structure quotes tailored to your customer, in real time. Use surveys, guided selling path and pre-filled carts to upsell and promote new financial instruments: loans, investment funds, and consultancy. Use promotions and sales campaigns targeted to the needs of each segment and sales channel.

Improve the customer’s overall experience: our quote-to-order solution guides the customer through the entire purchase process with more transparency and awareness and faster. Designed to transform the classic sales appointment into a session of in-depth study and dedicated consultancy, our app lends itself to an interactive and collaborative use between the seller and customer, and it arouses involvement and satisfaction in both.

Reduce regulatory risk and compliance costs: with Apparound, information loss and contractual errors can be reduced by automating data entry, bidding, contract modification and approval activities. Limits revision and correction costs with an all-in-one solution that reduces the number of intermediate steps and integrates data and processes in a unified way. Save documents in a centralised cloud archive to retrieve them and consult them quickly at any time.

Increase operational efficiency throughout the organisation: define diversified profiles for various users and enable differentiated content and price lists for agents, intermediaries and partners. Use a single tool to manage customer onboarding according to a standard procedure and align subsequent processes throughout the organisation.

Make more accurate forecasts: capture sales data in real time and get insights based on tracking customers, offers, contracts and renewals. Develop accurate revenue forecasts and design more effective marketing strategies based on the information collected.

Renew and grow : thanks to simplified quoting paths and precompiled surveys, even inexperienced agents and consultants can recognise customer preferences in real time and use them to create new opportunities.

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Show your content

Show your content to your customers, including brochures, product specifications, presentations, videos and product catalogues. You can update content in minutes.

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Build a quote

Use real time quoting to build a quote with multi-products, optional product add ons, bundling, discounting and promotions. Quotes can be sent via email to customers.


Firma il contratto con Apparound

Close the deal

You can generate contracts and collect electronic signatures from customers to quickly close deals. Specific attachments, such as terms of business, can be attached to any contract.

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Sales Tracker

Track sales activities

Every sales action is tracked, time stamped and used to create dynamic status views of quotes, contracts and customers. Automatically the app tracks activities and auto expires based on time elapsed from the last action.

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