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For a long time the traditional Services industry business models have proved to be solid and resilient. However, the industry is now being challenged by the digital world. But how to Services companies retain the best parts of their current business models while at the same time embrace the best of digital?

It is not easy because many Services companies, such as those in Insurance and Banking have to meet strict financial regulations, while niche players who do not necessarily have to meet all the same regulations are eating away at profits. Professional Services and Consulting companies are not immune, as their business which so much relies on relationships is rapidly changing with buyers able to freely find the information they need. Customers’ expectations are changing, they want simplicity, and they want answers immediately rather than having to wait days.

There are many key questions that Services companies need to answer:

  • What do I need to move to digital?
  • How do I run a digital transformation?
  • What do I do with my traditional retail and office footprint?
  • What products can I sell online and what products need assisted sales?
  • How do I effectively compete with smaller and newer players?
  • How do I maintain profitability?
  • How can I keep up with my customers’ changing expectations and needs for services?


What we do

We can help, by taking care of sales productivity and digitising sales. We’ve helped several Services companies with digital transformations, understanding customer needs, launching new services more quickly and to improve sales. Our product makes selling easy by having an all in one app that has everything that a Services Industry seller needs. Whether the seller is new or experienced, our app is designed to provide the right content, tools to gather customer information, guided selling, fast quoting for large service catalogues, electronic signature and to manage customer visits.


With Apparound we have increased our revenue by over 10% annually.

Commercial Director – Services Industry


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