You will find all information about formats, extensions, devices, operating systems and devices in the relevant section of the user manual.

Other info are available here.

No, you can’t. In addition to searching within the content, you can also search within your customers’ portfolio and files’ content. To do that click the magnifying glass icon, then on the related button and in the advanced search page that opens, select “customers” or “files content”.

In this section you will see the notifications section that contains the lists of advertising and app news that have been notified by your Administrator.

In this section you will see the “in progress” list, that is, the content and actions that you still have to synchronise because they have been managed and run without network coverage, and the “errors”of any errors that have occurred during synchronisation.

Yes, you can. Open your business card by clicking on the “profile” icon on the toolbar, then on the “business card” button and finally on the camera icon inside the current photo. You can choose a photo already in the device album or take a new one.

Yes, you can. Click on the “profile” icon on the toolbar, then on the “business card” button and finally on the one to send your business card.

To access all content when offline, download them by the “Save content offline” menu under the gear icon of toolbar.

Yes, they will be. This feature will delete any content that you downloaded, all the quotes and customers you’ve managed when you were not connected to the Internet and that you did not yet sync. It will also delete access credentials, if stored.

Open the app, close and restart it or launch content update clicking on the “Get content updates” menu under gear icon of toolbar.

Yes, you can. You will find the email sending feature within the product detail if your Administrator has enabled this one on the Admin Portal.

The search within the brochure is done on the keywords, tags and pages’ names.

You can open it from the Quoting tool by clicking on the “Recent quotes” button, then on the quote you want, or from the Sales tracker tool by clicking the arrow button inside the Quotes dashboard or on the number of tracked, new or finalised quotes, then on the desired quote.

Yes, you can. You can send the quote by email within the “Finalise” step, in case of draft quote, and from the “Close” step if the quote has already been finalised.

No, you don’t need internet connection. You can also make and finalise the quote if you are not connected to the Internet. It will be synchronised when the connection is restored and when the automatic synchronisation will occur after opening the Quoting or Sales Tracker tool.

Yes, you can. You can do it while you process a quote or within the customer card. In the first case after you have opened the Quoting tool and have searched for the customer, you change the information you want, flag the “Default contact for this customer” option and proceed to the next step. In the second case, you open the customer’s card using the search function to find the customer or within the Sales Tracker click on the customer’s company name or button in the last column on the right, then on the “pen” button, edit the information you want and save.

Yes, you can. You have to click on “Recent Quotes” button in the first Quoting tool page.

Arrows indicate the trend of your performances or ones of your Team (if you are in Manager mode) compared to the previous period. Performances are focused on tracked, new, finalised quotes and on tracked, new, existing customers. By default, the set period is one week but you can change it by clicking on the set date button.

When a Customer has no events, for a defined number of days, the deal will expire and it will no longer be tagged as live deal. When this number of days with no events is about to be reached the Customer will be tagged with an expiring deal tag. Contact your Administrator to know the value of days’ number established by your company.

No, you can’t. To become a manager you have to contact your Administrator who will set you as a manager according to your business policy.

Yes, you can if the quote is draft, you can edit it applying special discount outlined only for you. To do so, switch to Manager mode and open the quote within the Quote list or within the Portfolio list by clicking on the one you want in the Last quote column.

As a manager, you can have an overview of your team’s activities, that is, all the people of which you are directly responsible for and the related subordinates. So you will see the trend of their performances in the dashboard, the quotes they have made, the customers who they have managed and for each customer the total value of the made quotes.

Contact your Administrator and request that the device be placed in a blacklist. In this way you can keep safe your data and your business one.

The number of devices depends on the license agreement. Contact your Administrator for details.

To reset the list of paired devices to your account contact your Administrator.

If you enter for thirty times username and/or password incorrect, the device is placed on blacklist. For security reason, after the first fifteen attempts you prompted to wait five minutes before you try again to login.

Yes, you can be. In fact logging out (that is available under the profile icon on the toolbar) the system will store only your username, even if on the login page you have flagged the “keep me signed in” option.