What can I do with Apparound?

Apparound is a full digital solution that simplifies sales operations, increases customer engagement and speeds up, and improves operational processes. Thanks to a software in the cloud, which can be updated and configured even without IT skills, it is possible to digitize the entire sales process and increase salespeople productivity. Apparound is a native application for tablets and smartphones and allows the sales agent to:

  • Digitally display catalogs, brochures, product specifications, presentations and videos.
  • Create a multi-product offer in real time, including optional services, bundles, discounts and promotions, and to send it to the customer per email.
  • Close the negotiation in real time with graphometric signature or remotely with OTP authentication.
  • Monitor the sales process, the status of offers, contracts and customers in real time.

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©Apparound. All rights reserved. APPAROUND SPA e P.I. 13147681004