If the contract is signed with the electronic signature does it have legal value? 

In order for the contract signed with electronic signature to have a legal value it is important to choose the appropriate esignature type:

  • if you use a Simple Electronic Signature, the electronic document to which the signature is affixed on the evidentiary level will be freely assessable in court, given its objective characteristics of quality, safety, integrity and non-modifiability
  • if you use a FEA or an FEQ (and therefore also a digital signature), you have an electronic signature with the same legal effects as a handwritten signature and the electronic document is a private writing, with the consequent applicability of the art. 2702 of the Italian Civil Code.

Apparound offers several signature configurations to cover all potential legal and contract needs.
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©Apparound. All rights reserved. APPAROUND SPA e P.I. 13147681004