Answer to most common questions

Start configuring Apparound by logging into the Admin Portal. To do this, you can use any browser. The Admin Portal is intuitive and simple to use. Once you login in, you can find a user manual and information on how to proceed. Watch our video!

An onboarding manager team will assist you during all the time necessary to set-up the platform. After that, for any type of support you will have someone from our sales representative or our customer service to assist you.

Apparound is available on iOS, Android and Windows smartphone or tablet. Discover more!
We support the latest two releases of each of these operating system versions.

Yes, absolutely. Apparound’s flexibility allows you to show the app also if remotely, giving you the same experience as in person meeting. Using any software that allows to share screen you can show to your customers the Apparound app, show marketing content, build the offer together with them, and so on.

We want our customers to start using Apparound as quickly as possible. For this reason, our Onboarding Manager team is available to assist new customers to setup and to configure the platform according to business needs.

Absolutely. Once you complete the onboarding process you will be able to manage the Apparound solution on your own. If, instead, you need further assistance, contact us.