Product FAQs

  • What is Intelligent Quoting?

    Intelligent Quoting is the core Apparound app. It combines content and quoting together. Provide your team with digital catalogues, presentations and videos. Build quotes collaboratively with customers; automatic pricing, discounts and quotes by email to customers.

  • Is Apparound a CRM platform?

    There are many terms used such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Sales Automation even Quote to Cash.

    What we find is that all of these tools are very data intensive and much more suited to the back office. Our focus is about helping companies with sales productivity. That is why we provide an all-in-one app that help sellers sell. The data is collected automatically in the background so that Sellers can focus on what they do best, which is talking with customers.

  • Do you offer Configure Price Quote (CPQ)?

    Yes, CPQ is part of our core product Intelligent Quoting.

    CPQ stands for Configure Price Quote. We believe that CPQ must be part of the sales process and be visible to customers, and not just be a back office tool. That is why we’ve built it into our Intelligent Quoting product. What we find is that customers are much more likely to buy if they collaboratively build a quote with you.

  • What is the difference between the Admin Portal and the Customer Subscription Portal?

    The Admin Portal is the way to set-up Apparound for your users, such as creating users, uploading content, for pricing and much more.

    The Customer Subscription Portal is for managing your licences and payments.

    We are working to combine both these functions into one portal.

  • Can I increase the number of users?

    When starting with 10 users, you can change to 25 users online. If you would like more than 25 users, please contact us, by clicking here.

  • How do I buy the optional modules?

    You can buy the core Apparound product, Intelligent Quoting, from our website. Please click on “Join free for a month”.

    If you’d like to buy any of the optional modules, please contact us by clicking here, and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Subscription FAQs

  • What is Apparound online?

    It’s a subscription service that allows to access and use our cloud service Intelligent Quoting (that combines content and quoting together) through computers and other devices.

    You can subscribe a plan choosing between 10 or 25 users, in which the maximum number of users is respectively 10 and 25. Users are the ones who can access to mobile application (with a maximum of three devices per user) or the ones who can access the Admin Portal.

    You can keep PDF quotes for a maximum of three months and however with storage until 140GB, manage content distribution for a maximum of 2GB and use a maximum bandwith of download from Apparound server of 500GB/month.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    We use Stripe to process payments as they provide a secure online payment service. Stripe accepts credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) and debit cards.

  • Do you charge VAT?

    Yes we charge the applicable VAT rate for a software subscription service.

  • When do you collect payment?

    The 1st payment will be collected 30 days after you subscribe to the free trial. Payment is collected a month in advance and on the same day each month.

  • How do I find my past invoices?

    You will receive your monthly invoice by email. You can also find a record of your monthly transactions on the Customer Subscription Portal. Click here to login.

  • Can I rejoin you if I cancel my Apparound subscription?

    Yes definitely! You can rejoin by logging into your subscription account. If you are having a problem logging into your subscription account then please contact us by clicking here.
    Please note, if you have already enjoyed the 30 day free trial, you will be charged from the day you restart your subscription.

  • How can I keep my Apparound subscription secure?

    Like you, we take security very seriously. We would recommend the following

    – Use a unique password for your Apparound customer subscription account, and have one person responsible for the account.

    – For your individual users of Apparound, we recommend every device has 6 digit pin code in addition to the App password. We recommend each user changes their Apparound app password regularly.

  • How do I make changes to my Apparound subscription?

    To change your subscription please log on to Customer Subscription Portal by clicking here.

Support FAQs

  • How do I get started with Apparound?

    Login to the Admin Portal to setup Apparound. You can use any standard web browser. The Admin Portal is simple to use and intuitive. You can find helpful user guides directly on the Admin Portal.

  • How do I set-up a new user of Apparound?

    Login to the Admin Portal to setup new users. The user needs to download the app from either the App Store, Google Play or Windows Store. Once they’ve downloaded the app, they can login using the details you’ve provided them.

  • What if I have a problem with the Apparound app?

    If you are not able to solve the problem from the Admin Portal, then get in touch with our customer support team. You can email them or use the Contact Us page to get in touch.

  • What devices can I use Apparound app on?

    You can use any iOS, Android or Windows smartphone or tablet. We support the latest two releases of each of these operating system versions.

General FAQs

  • How can I contact you?

    Hopefully you can find the answers to your questions in the FAQ section or in our product description. If not, you can contact us by clicking here or by using the contact us link at the bottom of the page

  • Is Apparound a new company?

    We’ve been around since 2008 and over this time we’ve gained a lot of experience in digitising sales. We have taken all this knowledge and put it into our all-in-one sales productivity app.

  • Is your product available on the Cloud?

    Yes, and this is what makes it easy and fast to implement. There is no need for an IT project to use Apparound.