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CPQ which stands for Configure, Price and Quote, is a software that helps sellers to quote complex and configurable products. Unlike all other support tools (such as CRM systems), the CPQ is used to configure and sell products and services: it is the software that a sales rep uses when he has to formulate a quote for a potential customer. For more information about the CPQ

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is the system where are stored all the information regarding customers and/or partners. Moreover, it tracks all activities performed by sales reps (e.g. if they met the customer and when; if they sent and offer, if they created a deal and so on). CPQ instead, stands for Configure, Price and Quote and supports sales reps when they have to send out an offer to the customer. Both CPQ and CRM can be integrated and work together.
For more information about the difference between a CRM & CPQ, take a look at our blog post.

The Electronic Signature is a set of data in electronic form united or connected through logical association to other electronic data and used by the signatory to sign. Examples of Electronic Signature are our email or the set of username and password we use to access our online account.
There are different types of electronic signatures such as:

1. Advanced Electronic Signature or FEA
It is an electronic signature that meets the following requirements:

  • it is connected only to the signatory;
  • it is suitable to identify the signatory;
  • it is composed using data for the creation of an electronic signature which the signatory can, with a high level of security, use under their exclusive control;
  • it is connected to the signed data to allow the identification of any subsequent modification of such data.

Examples of FEA: the graphometric signature affixed with a pencil on a tablet or the OTP that we receive on our mobile phone to confirm home banking operations.

2. Qualified Electronic Signature or FEQ
The FEQ, particularly used in public administration, use a device qualified for the electronic signature and is based on a qualified electronic certificate. The IT procedure applied ensures the signatory the exclusive control of the signed data. The devices most used for the creation of the signature are the USB tokens or the Smart Cards that, inserted in the computer, allow to sign documents.
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