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Apparound Elite Edition

Apparound is launching an ELITE edition in December 2017. The new Elite edition provides all the capabilities of the Essential and Professional editionsand includes two further modules: Knowledge Manager and Solution Advisor. The Elite edition supports sellers through the lead-to-order process.

The Knowledge Manager is a great way for sellers to collect relevant business information from customers, in a simple and fast way, which helps to increase sales productivityThis module enables campaigns to be launched, to build customer profiles, satisfaction surveys and information collection activities, from any device. Data is stored in a structured and standard way, which makes it easy to query at any time, and it is automatically managed, so there is no need for data quality and age checking. The progress of customer campaigns can be tracked in real time. The Knowledge Manager can also be used to onboard and train sales teams through guided content journeys and quizzes.

The Solution Advisor provides guided selling and makes it easier to identify the right option for customers during a sales meeting. A series of pre-set needs-based questions guides the seller and buyer step by step through the sales processAt the end of the process, the Solution Advisor recommends the best two products options that fulfil the customer’s needs. The customer can select their preferred option, and the seller can launch a quote with a pre-filled basket, based on the recommendation from the Solution Advisor. By adopting the Solution Advisor, a consistent sales experience can be provided to every prospective customer, and the buying process can be sped up.

At Apparound, our mission is to make selling easier for sellers. We are confident that our Elite edition will increase the speed of the lead-to-order cycle – we think this is sales productivity delivered! To find out more, try Apparound, the first month is free.


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