Apparound’s December 2017 release

Apparound’s December 2017 release

In December, Apparound released the fourth product version of 2017. This is one of the most exciting releases of Apparound, because it includes a new user experience (UX) option for Intelligent Quoting, Apparound’s main module.

Intelligent Quoting has been simplifying the quoting process for sellers by transforming slow, inefficient paper-based quoting into an easy and fast digital process. At Apparound, we are always looking for ways to improve sales productivity and we have been working on a new option to enhance the user experience of Intelligent Quoting. We are delighted to introduce a guided quoting UX option. From now on, customers can choose between the existing multi-cart UX or choose the new guided quoting UX.

Guided quoting is perfect for companies with large product catalogues, as it guides the seller and buyer step by step through the quoting process, with pop-up windows, drop-down menus, custom labels and search. In short, it is ideal for product selection. For those companies where the configuration of quotes and comparing different options is important, the multi-cart UX remains the best option. No matter the quoting UX option used, a quote can be completed in minutes, which is great for sales productivity and customer satisfaction.

Apparound is no ordinary CPQ (Configure Price Quote), we offer Intelligent Quoting, which includes content, quoting and Electronic Signature, and now two UX options. Both UX options are available on tablets and Apparound’s Web Client. Guided quoting works in landscape and portrait mode, and it is also available on smartphones.

At Apparound we want to make selling easier. The December 2017 version will improve sales productivity, because we continue to speed up the quoting process and make it easier than before – we think this is sales productivity delivered! To find out more, try Apparound, the first month is free.


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