GELLIFY and Apparound join forces to boost business innovation and growth by digitising the sales process

Milano, 19th July 2018 – Apparound, an Italian IT leader in the digitisation of sales processes, joins GELLIFY, a B2B innovation platform that selects, invests in and develops innovative digital companies.

Founded in 2008 by Gianluca Cagiano, now the company’s CEO, the company decided to settle in the Innovation Hub at Montacchiello (Tuscany’s own Digital Valley) and revolutionise the traditional selling systems with its cutting-edge digital solution. The Hub is also home to Red Lions SpA, a holding company that helped bring Apparound and GELLIFY together.

Apparound can boast a decade-long experience in multiple industries, including ICT, Utilities and Insurance, where quite a few big players have been using Apparound for some time now to digitise their sales force.

“Apparound joining GELLIFY’s portfolio is a new, major investment in an Italian scenario that has a high growth potential on the global market – Fabio Nalucci, CEO and founder of GELLIFY, states –, as this enables us to pursue our vision of asset allocation as a mix of start-ups and scale-ups”.

Designed to meet the sellers’ needs and improve the customers’ buying experience, Apparound brings together marketing contents, sales-offer configurations, and lots more.

The app is available for iOS, Android, Windows and any web browser, and it can work offline as well.

In the last few years, Apparound has made substantial investments in its organisation and resources to industrialise its products and develop a version that could be sold online as well, by means of self-provisioning. Apparound has turned a complicated, usually expensive technology into something accessible to any kind of company, including the smallest ones, so that they can have a digital solution that can be implemented in no time, right from the start.

“We are excited to welcome GELLIFY to Apparound – Gianluca Cagiano, CEO & Founder of Apparound, states – the operation is an important step to further boost and speed up the company’s growth. We are sure ‘jellification’ will help further improve the platform and will assist us with our ‘go-to-market’ strategy in new markets and industries, making our company a leader in the digitisation of sales cycles in Italy and a major player across Europe.”



GELLIFY is the first B2B innovation platform that can connect digital software start-ups with traditional companies. GELLIFY gives access to investments, skills and networks, which are key to enabling start-ups to thrive.

It relies on 3 business units:

  • GELLIFY, specialising in the ‘jellification’ of start-ups that have already gained market traction
  • GELLIFY AIR, focussing on Italian companies’ innovation plans to create a flow of innovation that brings digital and traditional businessmen together, with a vertical on Industry 4.0 and a vertical on Fin Tech;
  • GELLIFY INVESTMENT, a team a six investors who are next to Italy’s leading venture capitalists in terms of investments in start-ups.

For its 2018’s plans, GELLIFY has partnered with Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati, a tax and legal consulting firm (, and with Gianni, Origoni, Grippo, Cappelli & Partners (, a legal firm, with Federico Dettori as a partner and Rodrigo Boccioletti as an associate, as part of the Gop4Venture practice.

GELLIFY’s contact
Corporate Communications
Daniela Abbondanza
Tel 342 0982305

About Apparound

Apparound was founded in Pisa, Tuscany, in 2008 and is Italy’s only IT company offering an innovative solution for the digitisation of the sales process. With its cloud-based technology, the solution assists sellers all through the sales cycle: from pitching the marketing materials as digital contents (brochures, videos, etc.) to offer configuration through to the closing of the deal and the finalisation of the order with electronic signature; all through an extremely simple process, where all you need is a tablet or a smartphone, or otherwise a Web Client.

For GELLIFY, Apparound was supported by Dr Gianluca Craia, owner of legal firm Craia, in Via San Martino, 77, Pisa.

APPAROUND’s contact details
Apparound’s communication and press office
Denise Amedei
Tel 050 775 849 •    


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Apparound Team
Apparound nasce nel 2008 a Pisa, in Toscana. Azienda italiana del settore IT che propone al mercato una soluzione innovativa volta a digitalizzare i processi di vendita. La soluzione, basata su tecnologia cloud, supporta il venditore durante l’intero il ciclo di vendita: dalla presentazione del materiale di marketing sotto forma di contenuti digitali (brochure, video, ecc.), alla configurazione dell’offerta, per arrivare alla chiusura della trattativa con la raccolta dell’ordine mediante firma elettronica. Il tutto in estrema semplicità con il solo utilizzo di un tablet o smartphone, o in alternativa mediante Web Client.