Can you give a real time answer to a customer?

real time answer

Most of the time, customers come to sales meetings with a clear vision of their problems but no idea of how to fix them. The purpose of sellers is to guide customers through the buying process and suggest a suitable solution. What makes the difference between a simple seller and a trusted partner is the capability to understand what customers really need. What makes a trusted partner is the right advice and the capability to provide answers at the right time, but how can you do that?

The fact is, sales readiness and timing are critical to close deals, but not obvious. Being skilled at selling and offering brilliant products are no guarantee of success. What is really crucial in sales is being able to give advice when the need is more pressing, but information is not always to hand. Sometimes sellers have no opportunity to check it in real time or to answer every question when asked. Often a second or a third meeting are requested to provide answers. It takes too long to come up with a quote and the customer has new doubts because something is unclear. As a result, a customer’s trust is lost and someone else will take advantage of it.

At Apparound, we have productised our digital expertise in a simple to use app that helps sellers provide real time answer to customers. Our app provides content and pricing in real time, making all information accessible to the seller, who can give the right advice to the customer at the right time. We have optimised our product to work on tablets and smartphones, even without a connection. The seller and the customer can work together on identifying the best options and on building a quote. For the customer, this means immediate answers, transparent quotes and this speeds up the sales process. Give real time answers to your customers by joining Apparound, the first month is free.


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Apparound Team
Apparound was founded in Pisa, Tuscany, in 2008 and is Italy’s only IT company offering an innovative solution for the digitisation of the sales process. With its cloud-based technology, the solution assists sellers all through the sales cycle: from pitching the marketing materials as digital contents (brochures, videos, etc.) to offer configuration through to the closing of the deal and the finalisation of the order with electronic signature; all through an extremely simple process, where all you need is a tablet or a smartphone, or otherwise a Web Client.