How can you go paperless and boost sales?

How can you go paperless and boost sales?

When a seller meets a potential customer, their effort will be focused on closing a deal. Prior to any meeting the seller will have spent time preparing by completing sales training and reviewing sales content. The seller’s company will also have spent time and money on various sales enablement programmes to drive sales growth. At the meeting the seller will be asking questions to find out about the customer business so that they can pitch their company’s products and services. The scene is set for the seller to give an outstanding presentation, highlighting the benefits and persuading the customer of the value. At the heart of this presentation is some eye catching and insightful content. Great content will keep the customer engaged and the conversation flowing to deal closure.

But, what typically happens in the middle of the conversation, is that the seller must stop talking and start rummaging in their bag, looking for the right documents or the right brochure, browsing through product catalogues, technical sheets or contracts. The seller knows that, among the piles of papers carried around every day, should be something that fits the situation. At last, what comes out is a faded and dog-eared catalogue featuring old prices and yesterday’s insight. The result is that the seller will be providing inaccurate information and unfortunately disappointing a potential buyer. Maybe an entertaining video or an interactive presentation would have saved the situation, but the moment has gone and the opportunity lost. In addition to the sales flop, there is an incredible waste of paper and money for the seller’s company because most of the paper will end up in the trash. A typical business will have spent over 50% of their printing budget on promotional and sales catalogues, but many of them remain unused because of frequent changes.

At Apparound we provide paperless sales. This saves paper and money by digitising sales content. Our app provides sellers with up to date prices and digital content. With Apparound you can get rid of paper forever and replace it with videos, interactive presentations, infographics, technical product sheets and many other types of digital documents. Content can be controlled and updated in real time, and sellers can access the content from smartphones and tablets.  Go paperless, by joining Apparound, the first month is free.


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Apparound Team
Apparound was founded in Pisa, Tuscany, in 2008 and is Italy’s only IT company offering an innovative solution for the digitisation of the sales process. With its cloud-based technology, the solution assists sellers all through the sales cycle: from pitching the marketing materials as digital contents (brochures, videos, etc.) to offer configuration through to the closing of the deal and the finalisation of the order with electronic signature; all through an extremely simple process, where all you need is a tablet or a smartphone, or otherwise a Web Client.