Why is improving sales productivity so hard?

Why is improving sales productivity so hard

In the past sales productivity was considered easy to change. Tactics such as hiring some new sellers, increasing the number of customer visits, changing pricing, offering cash backs or giving deep discounts would often work. However, improving sales productivity is now permanently on the desks of sales and marketing directors to solve, but why?

The short answer is that selling has become harder. It has become harder for many reasons, for example, the range of products and services is far wider and the number of suppliers is far greater. Perhaps the single driving factor is the rise of the internet since the early nineties. Before the internet, buyers had trouble getting information. In fact, they relied on local sellers to provide information. However, the internet means that buyers are much better informed, find products anywhere in the world, compare prices at any time and can do all of this in real-time. This means that the role of sellers has changed from information providers to advice providers and this takes more time and effort. It also means that companies need to develop new and more efficient sales practices, rather than rely on legacy sales processes. It is still typical to find quoting processes that are very slow with an industry wide average of 20 days, which is one key reason why improving sales productivity is so hard, when quoting is far too slow. No wonder that sellers find it hard to be productive, because by the time they have sent a quote to a customer, it is too late, as the buyer has already purchased what they need 19 days before.

At Apparound we believe in immediate quoting. What we find is that companies who use Apparound’s Intelligent Quoting product reduce quoting time from 20 days to real-time. This has a dramatic and positive impact on sales productivity. Sales and Marketing Directors can then enjoy a great night of sleep, as they can quickly improve sales productivity. Find out how to improve sales productivity by joining Apparound, the first month is free.


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