CPQ Series: Does your CPQ software work with no internet connection?

Apparound CPQ works offline

A common frustration of sellers is not being able to generate a quote when disconnected from the internet. Unfortunately, the majority of CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software does not work offline, as an online connection is required for it to function properly. Also, most CPQ software is not customer facing which is a double frustration for sellers.

Most sales directors we speak to are not fully aware of the reduction in sales productivity that these two issues cause. Industry research shows that the most important buying decision driver is the buying experience. This is driven by both the mechanical experience and the emotional experience of buyers, no matter the complexity of the products being purchased.

CPQ software is great to improve the mechanical experience, because quotes can be generated more quickly and have a far higher accuracy. However, for many buyers they do not see this process because CPQ software is not customer facing, and even if it was, an internet connection is not always available. In our experience, the mechanical elements can be greatly improved by allowing a seller to generate a quote anywhere and directly with customers.

The emotional experience is arguably even more important. Behavioural economics has proved numerous times that buyers are not led by rationality alone. Alongside cost-benefit and risk assessments, emotions and impulses play a central role in purchase decisions. Sellers often miss important moments when buyers are ready to buy, because they are not able to show pricing or generate a quote in real time. This is not helped when there is a poor-quality internet connection.

At Apparound we are different, we are no ordinary CPQ software. We have built our CPQ software to work offline, that’s why we call our product Intelligent Quoting. No matter where a seller is, whether they are in a basement, in the countryside or travelling internationally, they can generate a quote anytime, and the Apparound app is customer facing. This means that Apparound helps a seller with both the mechanical process of quoting and the emotional aspects. Can your CPQ do that?

Apparound’s solution maximises the sales productivity for any seller. Find out how you benefit from an offline sales experience for your customers, by trying Apparound, the first month is free.


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Apparound Team
Apparound nasce nel 2008 a Pisa, in Toscana. Azienda italiana del settore IT che propone al mercato una soluzione innovativa volta a digitalizzare i processi di vendita. La soluzione, basata su tecnologia cloud, supporta il venditore durante l’intero il ciclo di vendita: dalla presentazione del materiale di marketing sotto forma di contenuti digitali (brochure, video, ecc.), alla configurazione dell’offerta, per arrivare alla chiusura della trattativa con la raccolta dell’ordine mediante firma elettronica. Il tutto in estrema semplicità con il solo utilizzo di un tablet o smartphone, o in alternativa mediante Web Client.