CPQ Series: How can you help new sellers close more deals?

Apparound CPQ helps new sellers close more deals

It can take a new seller anywhere between 1 month to 6 months to be fully productive. This can be longer when companies have a diverse range of products to sell. Many companies have invested in Configure Price Quote tools – also known as CPQ. Typically, CPQ tools provide automated workflows to configure complicated offers through a guided step-by-step selling process. Theoretically, by providing a standardised process for sellers, CPQ helps to collect all necessary data and apply the correct set of discounts to generate an error-free quote. In practice however, this is usually not the case.

Unfortunately, many CPQ tools make selling more complicated, and it means that new sellers take even longer to become fully productive. Many new sellers miss their targets for several quarters in a row. This is frustrating for both the seller and sales management.

What complicates this situation further is that identifying the right price for your products is not enough to win the customer. To win a customer, you will also need to identify the best combination of products and services for your customer and to present a quote as quickly as possible. This balance is not easy to achieve, especially for new or inexperienced sellers.

If you haven’t been in sales before, you may not appreciate how difficult it is to sell a complex set of products, even with a CPQ solution to support you. If you’re not an expert, it is difficult to manage tasks like analysing customers’ requirements, building quotes, applying promotions while protecting margins and being able to send out quotes quickly.

If you’re an inexperienced seller, you may find it challenging to be efficient and effective in negotiation. You may find it hard to handle sales objectives and requests for discounts. This will delay getting quotes approved and closing the deal with a prospective customer.

How is it possible to manage these challenges?

At Apparound, we are different, we are far more than a typical CPQ tool. Apparound makes selling easy, even for new and inexperienced sellers. Apparound has been built by sellers for sellers. Our intuitive interface standardises the sales process across the entire organisation, so that new and inexperienced sellers can be productive quickly. Apparound doesn’t just configure and quote complex products, it is a sales collaboration app that delivers sales productivity, whether you are new, inexperienced or have been in sales for years. Find out how we have made selling complex products easy by trying Apparound, the first month is free.


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Apparound Team
Apparound was founded in Pisa, Tuscany, in 2008 and offers its innovative solution for the digitisation of the sales process. With its cloud-based technology, the solution assists sellers all through the sales cycle: from pitching the marketing materials as digital contents (brochures, videos, etc.) to offer configuration through to the closing of the deal and the finalisation of the order with electronic signature; all through an extremely simple process, where all you need is a tablet or a smartphone, or otherwise a Web Client.