Why are most B2B apps boring?

Why are most B2B apps boring?

Today is a new day and like any other day there will be over 1000 apps created. With so many different apps, it will be difficult for app providers to convince users to keep coming back to one app. It is likely that after a few days the app will be considered a novelty. Worst still it will be clunky, confusing and difficult to use. Unfortunately for many B2B users they will have no choice, because a top manager would have chosen an app to improve a sales process. There will, no doubt, be good reasons for the choice, because nobody chooses a Sales App to increase the administration burden or to make selling harder.

However, the reality is that many B2B sales apps never live up to the original expectations. There are many reasons, but usually it comes down to apps being difficult to use. There is no longer a clear line between the apps you work with and the apps you use in your private life. Nowadays, anybody using apps at the workplace is surrounded by an ecosystem that they can’t ignore. When mobile devices allow you to check your emails and social network updates at any time, you get used to that type of experience – and you expect all other apps to offer a similar experience. B2B apps typically do not offer a great experience, and as a result are a hassle and boring to use.

At Apparound we understand that a great user experience is critical. We also know that many sales productivity suites are difficult to use and were never designed for the seller, but rather for managers. We are different, because we believe that the user experience must be great for the seller, as priority one. By achieving this, the needs of managers will be achieved more naturally, rather than be forced. See how we achieve this by joining Apparound, free for the first month.


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Apparound nasce nel 2008 a Pisa, in Toscana. Azienda italiana del settore IT che propone al mercato una soluzione innovativa volta a digitalizzare i processi di vendita. La soluzione, basata su tecnologia cloud, supporta il venditore durante l’intero il ciclo di vendita: dalla presentazione del materiale di marketing sotto forma di contenuti digitali (brochure, video, ecc.), alla configurazione dell’offerta, per arrivare alla chiusura della trattativa con la raccolta dell’ordine mediante firma elettronica. Il tutto in estrema semplicità con il solo utilizzo di un tablet o smartphone, o in alternativa mediante Web Client.