Apparound enables 4.0 sellers: content, quotes and contracts in one app

apparound vendita 4.0

Apparound is an app that solves all sales productivity issues at once. It is not a trivial matter: in a world where salespeople still go around with monumental catalogues, price lists that are not always up to date and contracts to be completed by hand, Apparound is a revolution.

It is also a revolution for the company’s sales management, always trying to maximise the productivity of its sales force.

Why would Apparound be disruptive in the 4.0 sales world? We could focus on simplicity of use, versatility and its ability to adapt to the business specificities of different market sectors, but the main point is summed up in the term “integration”. Today the business world experiences profound inefficiencies due to fragmentation: complicated procedures, communication difficulties between divisions and obsolete models weigh heavily on the company’s ability to generate value and, consequently, to grow. The world of sales is no exception, and unfortunately, it’s not unusual seeing a seller who visits several times the customer, consults dated price lists, does not have the most recent brochures and documents, proposes discount percentages that are not approved by the commercial management or reports the wrong contract data in the management system.

Apparound: the beauty of the “holistic” approach

The concept on which Apparound is based is simple: the traditional sales process is affected by inefficiencies that can be solved with one sales platform. Apparound is not designed to optimise a single step and suffer the inefficiencies of others, but to manage the entire sales process in an integrated, centralised and simple way, helping salespeople from the first meeting with the potential customer up to the sale. In addition, Apparound is a cloud-based platform, designed to be implemented and integrated into the company’s processes without the need for IT skills.

Everything starts with the ‘preparation of the ground” by the marketing and sales management: the first inserts on the app the materials related to the products, ranging from price lists to brochures, videos and promotions; the commercial management deals with the prices, combinations, variations and even the percentages of discount that the company is able to accept, setting rules defined a priori. So, you get a great first result: the whole sales teamis aligned on products, marketing materials, prices, options and can follow already approved sales routes. This means that, in front of the potential customer, the agent will not need to call, ask for confirmations, send e-mails, be authorised or visit several times the customer with the missing information.

With Apparound, the ‘commercial 4.0’ is in a position of strength: armed only with tablets and without the weight of catalogues, price lists and documents of every kind and nature, they confidently shows the customer all aspects of the product or service and guide them through the configuration of a quote that, even if complex, has already been pre-approved by the management and is therefore accurate. Making mistakes, calling the customer, being rejected and other inefficiencies will no longer happen using Apparound. Indeed, the quote configuration engine (CPQ – Configure Price Quote) is the core module of the app: with an interface simple and graphically inspired to the apps of the consumer world, it is easy to use and adopt. Apparound can manage several customisations, variations and product configurations, satisfying the needs of a customer who becomes increasingly demanding over time. And if by chance the negotiation should become intense near the price, the discount percentages that the sales agent displays in the app are already authorised by the company and can be applied without interrupting the negotiations and putting the sale at risk.

Finally, contract and monitoring. Once the agreement has been reached on products, quantities, mixes and prices, the app can generate a complete contract in every part and allows the sales agent to close immediately the deal by collecting the customer’s graphometric signature directly on tablet – or remotely, without having to go back to the office. Here too, with the possibility of zero error and no time wasted to the advantage of more effective negotiations and shorter activation and supply times.

All data relating to customer records, open sales processes and those concluded are then collected to be easily consulted. The seller will have the double advantage of not having to take time away from the sale to compile reports on visits to customers and will be able to monitor in real time the sales processes still open and the related commercial offers to intervene promptly with follow-up actions.

Furthermore, Apparound can be integrated with the company’s CRM or ERP, and this means that the seller does not even have to manually register the contract to give it execution or lose valuable time in other back office actions. It’s all automatic, all safe, everything tending to a level of productivity that is verifiable within a monitoring system that keeps track of the status of the offers and the sales trend.

Thanks to the integrated management of all stages of the process, Apparound is the definitive solution to the classic problem of sales productivity, and this regardless of the actual cause. In fact, Apparound allows salespeople to concentrate on the direct relationship with the customer and to avoid postponements, errors, waste of time, corrections and various misalignments. With Apparound the customer appreciates, the seller is more productive, and the company grows.

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Apparound Team
Apparound was founded in Pisa, Tuscany, in 2008 and offers its innovative solution for the digitisation of the sales process. With its cloud-based technology, the solution assists sellers all through the sales cycle: from pitching the marketing materials as digital contents (brochures, videos, etc.) to offer configuration through to the closing of the deal and the finalisation of the order with electronic signature; all through an extremely simple process, where all you need is a tablet or a smartphone, or otherwise a Web Client.