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Apparound is a native App for tablet and smartphone


  • It is a cloud platform;
  • It supports iOS, Android e Windows 10;
  • available on App Store, Google Play e Windows Store.

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Compatible Devices

Apparound is available on a wide variety of mobile platforms and is usable with most major web browsers, resolutions, operating systems, storage, ram and mobile browsers.




DevicesMinimum RequirementsCompatible modelsSuggested Requirements
AppleOS: 10.3 – 12
Storage: 200 Mb
RAM: 1Gb
iPad Pro, iPad 4, iPad Air 1-2, iPad Mini 2-3 Retina, iPhone 6, 6Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7OS: 12x
Storage: 500 Mb
RAM: 1Gb
Model: iPad Pro 2015
or newer, iPhone 8, iPhone X
AndroidOS: 5 – 9
Storage: 200 Mb
RAM: 2Gb
Samsung Galaxy Note 2014, Nexus 9, Galaxy Tab A (as an exception due to display resolution 1024×768 or similar), Samsung Galaxy S6, Nexus 5 or similar

OS: 9
Storage: 500 Mb
RAM: 2Gb
Model:Samsung S4/S5e,
Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10

WindowsOS: Pro x86/ x64 10 1709
Storage: 200 Mb
RAM: 4Gb
Microsoft Surface 3 Pro or similar

OS: Pro x86/ x64 10 1803
Storage: 500 Mb
RAM: 4Gb
Model: Microsoft Surface Pro 5
or newer

BrowserChrome, Firefox

Edge, Safari

Chrome: ver. 74.0.3729.136
Firefox: ver. 66.0.3 (Quantum)
Edge: ver. Win 10
Safari: ver. 6.0.2.
Last version
DisplayMinimum Resolution: 1000px1024x768px