Apparound al fianco dell’ambiente

Apparound alongside the environment

Apparound: Digital company in support of the environment


Apparound: green choices that support the environment

The greatest demonstration of our commitment to reduced energy consumption is represented by the office where the Headquarters is located inside the Umberto Forti Business Center, the first Green Building in Pisa, built with great attention to environmental sustainability and the containment of consumption:

  • glass facades with rows of sunshades capable of giving the rooms comfort and lighting natural

  • photovoltaic panels

  • reuse of rainwater

  • heat pump production systems – air exchange systems equipped with energy recovery and LED lighting systems

A mix of renewable sources and strategies for limiting consumption. An attention to sustainability that goes perfectly with aesthetics. The result is a modern, dynamic building, which combines high architectural value with the practicality of its maintenance.

The entire project development is based on respect for the environment, a series of criteria that have led the Management Center to obtain the Energy Classification A according to the national protocol, and the prestigious LEED Gold International Certification as an eco-sustainable building.

Apparound-ufficio-Pisa Apparound-Ambiente sostenibile

Zero-emission headquarters

Zero-emission headquarters

The building in which our headquarters is located minimizes CO2 emissions attributable to the production of energy consumed. A model born in recent years to favor zero climate impact buildings.

Sustainable environments

Sustainable environments

A development model capable of satisfying the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations, because the planet’s resources are not infinite!

Natural light

Natural light

The project is based on the use of natural lighting, to promote the well-being of people and reduce energy consumption, so much so that artificial light becomes “only” a tool to ensure comfort during the day.

Apparound: more and more digital, more and more paperless

Digitization of sales processes

Manage the sales network efficiently and increase the productivity and professionalism of the seller? Thanks to our solution, we have digitized the sales processes, eliminating paper documents as much as possible, thanks also to the use of a digital signature.

We invite colleagues internally to print documents only if really necessary. We have adopted whiteboards and disposable materials made using recycled paper.

Digital conversion of offline material

Most of the offline communication materials, such as brochures, leaflets and flyers, have been converted into digital format, to make our business even more sustainable.

The Apparound solution makes it possible to easily present product catalogs, brochures and technical data sheets that are always updated, even in offline mode, to involve the customer during the offer configuration and avoid unnecessary waste of paper.


Becoming mandatory in 2015, recycling represents a sustainable approach in Apparound to reduce the impact on the environment. For this we act with specific awareness campaigns, which invite colleagues to pay due attention in separating paper, plastic, packaging and other materials and make the most of the tools and methods set up for sorting.

Paper and cardboard, for example, are materials that can be recycled up to seven times. Wasting them would not only be a grave mistake, but also a lack of sensitivity towards future generations.

New life for electronic devices

But our commitment does not end there: in the company we care about the reuse of electronic devices which, after an initial use by our team, is destined for a new life with others.

Extending the life of an electronic device in 2022 is possible. Refurbished technology not only reduces the environmental impact but saves users and companies. After all, reconditioning means taking care!

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